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Exemplary service for every client
We test and provide only the fastest DC proxies from around the world so that you will not regret using our services
Our IP addresses belong to the class of private or individual IP addresses. This means that upon purchase, you will be the sole owner of them.
Our technical support works seven days a week, 24 hours a day
Our clients feedback
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Dave S.

As a marketing manager stepping into the ground of proxies, you've been my digital compass. The guidance on setting up proxies in various browsers and platforms were my guiding lights. From Windows 10 to iOS, each step is demystified in user-friendly video guides. It's not just about proxies def, it's a trip into a world of digital marketing possibilities. My team and I now navigate the web armed with the knowledge bestowed by you.

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James H.

Security is paramount in my online business, and Proxy-Store's private proxies have become my go-to solution. Their dedicated IPs and encryption protocols ensure secure online transactions. I've experienced a ZERO percent fraud rate since implementing these proxies! Additionally, their customer support is top-notch, providing assistance whenever I need it. These proxies have become the backbone of my online security strategy.

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Norah T.

They provide me with the best quality of proxies to drive more bot traffic. Their customer service is always there to help me out. I highly recommend Proxy-Store; they make sure my online browsing experience is secure and hassle-free!

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Chris H.

Good eligible service! I have been using it for a few months now and have had no issues with latency or fraud scores while it is especially important in peer-to-peer (P2P) games. The private proxies make all my online gaming experience smooth and snappy, and the low fraud score is always a plus. For a competitive game, I use top-quality local private subnet proxies. Several game servers will not accept linkage from specific locations so to play with friends in another region their proxies can also help me to have some fun along the way. I highly recommend Proxy-Store if you're looking for a reliable service!

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Amanda M.

Their proxy selection is wide enough to meet all of my marketing needs. Additionally, the website traffic using the keywords on Bing and Google has been perfect in terms of quality and quantity. If you're looking for quality proxies - Proxy-Store is definitely worth considering!

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