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Proxy-Store service advantages

You can not only buy proxies to solve your tasks, but also get additional benefits.

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    Rent a proxy from 5 days to a month - individually, wholesale and traffic packages

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    Authorization by IP (up to 3 addresses per order) or login/password

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    HTTP and Socks5 protocols - issuance in two formats with the ability to export

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    Discounts for renewal (-20%) and auto-renewal (-25%) of server proxies

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    The remaining traffic of residential and mobile proxies can be added to a new order

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    Payment from anywhere in the world - from bank cards to cryptocurrency

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    Affiliate program - up to 20% from each referral order

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    Money back within 24 hours after purchase

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    Consultation of real technical support employees 24/7, not bots

How ipv4 proxies work

Proxies are an intermediate link between your device and the end server (site, application). Anonymous proxies provide an IP address on behalf of which the request is sent. The site or application you are visiting will only see the server data, not yours.

Thanks to this you will get the opportunity:


Change the real location for confidentiality and bypassing restrictions from the provider;


Bypass site blocks if the actual IP is blacklisted;


Hide information about access to a specific resource.

Proxies are provided by HTTP and Socks5 protocols. Both differ in stability. But we recommend using ipv4 proxies with the Socks5 protocol as much as possible. They are the most reliable and anonymous.

Individual proxies are easy to set up on PC, Android and iOS devices - no additional programs are required. In addition, they can be connected to standard browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, etc.), anti-detect browsers (Dolphin Anty, GoLogin, etc.), PlayStation and other programs. If you have any questions about setting up a proxy, use our instructions.


Who uses personal proxies

Renting proxies is suitable for both personal and business purposes. They are actively used by:


SEO masters for parsing by collecting and building a semantic core (SYA)


managers for promotion in social networks, including SEO optimization




traffic arbitration specialists, CPA


SMM specialists who are engaged in advertising placement




ordinary users who care about network security and want to have access to information regardless of where they are

Our clients feedback
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Peter M.

I had been trying to improve my website's ranking through traditional means, but it took forever. After discovering Proxy-store and the residential proxies they offer, I was able to see results much faster. Within weeks, my website was showing up on the first page of search results, and I also saw an improvement in my website's traffic. Really appreciate the level of quality Proxy-store provides for its customers.

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Leland C.

The customer service is excellent, and the proxies are very reliable. Proxy-store offers residential proxies, which makes my everyday job on Facebook much easier and more secure. None of the accounts got banned, even though I use bots a lot. This automation is extremely helpful and saves me a lot of time.

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Robertson J.

I was looking for a trustworthy supplier of proxies. Their residential proxies always work perfectly with my online store, perfect for keeping up to date on trends in the ecommerce space. Great for scraping as well. I've never had any issues with the connection being unstable or slow.

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Jane B.

As an SEO consultant, I depend on proxies and anonymity to do my job well. Proxy-Store has been the savior of my career because they offer a wide range of proxy packages, including anonymous proxies. The service is fast and reliable - I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for guaranteed anonymity.

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Mark P.

I have been using proxy store for about five years, order residential proxies mainly, their quality is satisfying. Would recommend to everyone.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • These are proxies that are provided by third-party entities not associated with ISPs. They are located in physical data centers that process all requests that pass through them.

    If IPs of mobile and residential proxies belong to real users, then the whole pool of addresses of server proxies are provided by data processing center operators. As a result, websites can detect that you are using a proxy but they cannot see your real data.

  • Server proxies are cheaper than mobile and residential ones. If you need to solve simple tasks but speed and price are important for you, server proxies are the best option.

    In addition, they are assigned a static IP that remains unchanged throughout the entire period of use. This is sometimes a significant advantage when choosing a proxy.

  • Server proxies can be used for simple operations that are not related to multi-accounting or complex data analysis.

    They are used for:

    • if you need the access to a website that is unavailable in a certain region

    • for games to reduce ping and maintain a high connection speed

    • for corporate purposes (when it is important to keep one IP and use a proxy within the working network)

    • to hide IP and protect personal information online

  • Shared proxies can be used simultaneously by up to three users. Unlike private ones, where one user gets an IP that belongs only to him. This ensures a high connection speed, but the price is higher.

    Shared proxies will be great if you are planning to work on unpopular sites. You will also get a pleasant bonus as a low price.

    Otherwise, their characteristics are the same: static IP, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connections.

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