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John C.

Their rotating residential proxies are excellent for ads, and their IP changes every 10 minutes which is great for security and for making sure that you are not being tracked when checking your ads in different countries. And the price is pretty darn good($18 a month). Great for validating ads and making sure that your traffic numbers are not fake.

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Mark W.

As an SEO specialist, I've experimented with various proxies, but residential proxies from Proxy-Store stand out. Their wide IP pool and rotating options help me avoid detection while performing rank tracking. This has resulted in a 30% boosting in our clients' websites' search engine rankings. Moreover, the proxies' compatibility with SEO tools has streamlined our optimization efforts, making our campaigns more efficient. It's not just about proxy quantity; it's about the quality and performance that Proxy-Store delivers.

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Michae L.

Residential proxies from Proxy store have allowed me to access Netflix from different countries, with a fast and stable connection, all while being completely anonymous. The customer service is also excellent.

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Maria M.

As a company, we always require a bulk of stable IPv4 worldwide proxies. The Proxy Store is the best that we have tried, we use them as our primary proxy provider for our company. Also, I want to thank your support that helped our team navigate smoothly during the onboarding. THUMBS UP!

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Ward L.

Used their shared proxies, it was like jumping into a quirky tech novel. The diversity in locations gave me flexibility for my projects to create a unique customized cookie log per each. However, there were instances where the proxy activation process took a bit longer than expected, mildly impacting the otherwise stellar experience.

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