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A free tool to check if your IP address or any other IP address is in anti-spam databases. Will your emails or forum chats be blocked? We'll help you figure it out.


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Is Your IP Currently Blacklisted?

One of the biggest problems with many proxy services is knowing whether your IP address has been blacklisted or not. There are hundreds of services that people use proxies for, which is why it is crucial to understand whether you are paying for something worth nothing. Before making a purchase, figuring out if your IP address is on some website blacklist is crucial.

Thankfully, you can easily see if you have an IP address inside a blacklisted domain. Proxy Store's spam databases allow you to check your IP status without worrying about wasting money. You can check if your server has been blacklisted. The issue with this is figuring out this information without spending much money on services.

A problem that many spam databases have is that they are not large enough or updated enough. It means you might buy a set of proxies that you think work, but you find out you have been scammed. Running your IP addresses through a good spam database is a critical piece of the puzzle that you have to do. If you want to know before you search whether you have a spam domain or not, it is a lot easier for you to run everything through a dedicated spam checking tool that helps you figure it out. You don't want to go through the process of spending a lot of time and money on a bunch of IP addresses that you find don't work for your services.

Benefits of Proxy Store's Spam Databases

  • Simple To Use - The Proxy Store Spam database is easy to use. All you need to do is enter the IP address and click a button. Proxy Store's tool searches multiple databases to let you know whether your IP address is banned or not.
  • Check Multiple IP Addresses at Once - You can check multiple spam databases simultaneously with our tool. This makes it easy to bulk check hundreds or even thousands of IP addresses quickly and efficiently.
  • Updated Regularly - A database is useless if not updated regularly. That is why we endeavor to update our spam databases regularly to keep everything as accurate as possible. When you use our database to check your IP or domain, you can be confident that you are looking at relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Comprehensive Check - A database is also as good as the number of sources it gets information from. We try to access over 50 different sources to give you a comprehensive view of what is happening on the Internet. It gives you the best chance of getting accurate and relevant information.

Using Our Spam Databases

The great news is that using our spam database is quite easy. If you have a bad domain, our tool will tell you with absolute clarity. You will see where your domain or IP address has been marked as spam. That information is quite useful because you can then take the right action to make your domain good again. The same is true for your IP address. We have plenty of databases to check to ensure your IP address is as clean as you need. A clean IP address is one of the best ways of getting full value from your proxy services. For example, if your IP address has been banned by various email providers, you won't get any success registering emails using IP addresses from a proxy service. That is just one of the many use cases of our services.

You also can use our spam databases to check whether your system does what it says it should. Many people buy a proxy service because of the specific features promised. However, you can ensure you get current information using our service.

Who Needs Our Spam Databases

You might not think you need to access our spam databases at first, but that could not be further from the truth. The information you get from our database will be some of the most useful. It will also help you if you are:

Domain Buyers

You can use our services to quickly check whether the domain you are trying to buy is worth it or not. Our spam database allows you to look for a blacklisted domain. That makes it easy to know whether you are making the right deal. You can save money buying expensive domains with our exceptional service.

Proxy Buyers

If you paid for proxy servers, you might want to know whether you got a good deal or not. You might even want to know if there is something wrong with your IP address. You might be trying to debug a problem with a proxy IP address not working. Use our services to get a quick check of your IP status.

Check Specific Services

Our spam database offers enough information for you to quickly identify the specific services that will not work. This information can help you choose the IP address you want to use. It also lets you know whether you should continue paying for a service or not.

Main Features of Our Spam Databases

The main feature of our spam database is how quick and easy it is to use. You also have the fact that we check a wide range of databases to ensure you are getting up-to-date information that will be relevant to you. You don't have to worry about wasting money on domains or IP addresses that will not give you the desired return. That is one of the many reasons people trust us to check their IP addresses quickly and efficiently.

Use Spam Databases from Proxy Store

You won't find many spam databases with the comprehensive coverage we offer. Check whether your IP address is banned or you are on a website blacklist today.


My Domain Is Blacklisted

Our exceptional tool allows you to see how the ban occurred. This information is useful because you can take the corrective action needed to remove your domain from any blacklist.

Is My IP Banned?

Our tool tells you this information in one easy-to-understand interface. You will see at a glance whether you need to change your IP address or not. If you paid for services that guarantee your IP address will work, you could take this information back to try and get a refund.

Servers Blacklisted?

Find out whether your Web server or domain is on a blacklist.

How to Check If My Domain is Blacklisted

Enter your domain or IP address into our tool and press the button. It really is that easy.

Is My Site Blacklisted?

Our tool will tell you! Use the instructions provided to get the information you need.

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