Network Port Scanner

Checking open ports by the Port Scanner service shows what ports are open on your computer/website or someone else's one and what they are responsible for. The check is made through the NMAP scanner and shows how open your access to the PC/website is to the outside world


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The Best Free Port Scanner

Port scanners are an excellent way to discover free proxies on the Internet or do penetration testing on your own server network. You can think of a port as a door. However, unlike your house or apartment, there are thousands of ports on each IP address. Most network services operate out of a standard port, meaning it is easy to discover them on the Internet.

Why Use Our Network Port Scanners

Our Port scanners allow you to visualize the various services running on each port for any IP address given. It is an easy-to-use service and provides all the functionality you need to discover what services exist on a server. It is a lot better than other security Port scanners because it offers an intuitive interface that anyone will easily understand. On top of that, it scans ports quickly and efficiently. Have you ever wondered how to scan ports? Our exceptional tool makes it as easy as knowing the IP address and clicking a button.

Types of Ports to Scan

When scanning ports, it is crucial to understand the difference between TCP and UDP. To put it simply, TCP is much slower but guarantees delivery, and UDP is the opposite.


We offer one of the best TCP port scanners you will ever find. It will scan the entire range for the IP address you select. It uses the NMAP scanner as its base.


UDP offers a faster connection speed by not verifying whether each packet has been delivered or not. Our excellent scanner will also reveal UDP ports.

Using Our Port Scanners

The good news is that our port scanner is easy to use and almost impossible to get wrong. All you need to do is enter the IP address and click a button. It is that simple, and you will have a detailed result showing the various ports and their status. You should use our Port scanners for:

  • Finding Vulnerabilities - Our Port scanner makes it easy for you to learn which ports on your IP address are potentially vulnerable to attacks. This information allows you to harden your system, making it much more difficult for anything bad to occur.
  • Finding Hidden Proxies - A great way to use our port scanner is to discover whether there are hidden proxies on an IP address. Many people hide their private proxies by using a nonstandard port.

Use Our Port Scanner Today

Our Port scanner is easy-to-use and completely free. Enter an IP address and get started today.

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