• Yes, you can find out your computer's IP with the help of the network card. If you access the Internet using a router, as is often the case when connecting through an ISP, your IP address on the network will match the address of this router, but not your computer. Therefore, it is better to check the IP in one of the online services, for example, on this page.

  • Every Internet user, or rather, his device, has an IP address. The provider automatically issues an IP address to every device connected to the Internet. It looks like a set of four numbers from 0 to 255 with dots placed between them. This is the so-called "external" IP address, that is, the one with which you access the Internet.

  • In this case, we recommended you to check the correctness of the proxy settings, if it was connected. Perhaps the proxy is private, and the settings were made as for free one. Also, there may be a problem on the proxy side, for example, disabled / invalid data for authorization.

  • IP information services are databases such as IP address or subnet. This parameter cannot be changed in any way. This parameter depends on who currently owns the network (which country) in which the IP address is located. For example, the server might be Germany, the displayed IP is another country. This is due to the fact that the owner-country has not been fully updated with all databases.

  • Yes, you can make sure that it is displayed correctly using our service.

  • IPv6 and IPv4 are two versions of the Internet Protocol (IP) that differ in their address length. The first IP format has 128 bits and the second one has 32.

    • IPv4 looks like
    • IPv6 looks like 1002:0db3:45a6:0000:0000:7a8e:9460:5334.

Proxy General Information

  • A proxy is simply a set of characters in the IP: port: login: password (example: format, which can be added to the settings of the PC / program/browser to change your location and digital identity in the target website.

    If you want a well-detailed definition of a proxy, you can google "what is a proxy".

    * It’s worth noting that anonymity on the target sites and on the Internet, in general, is achieved by a set of measures in which the proxy is only one of the items.

    • Visiting websites that you cannot access without a proxy. Example: Sometimes you can’t open a website because your IP is listed in the spam database of that site for some reason. Using a proxy can help you bypass such problems.
    • Anonymous Web surfing.
    • Scraping information from sites with the help of specialized programs and templates. Example: Scraping the site-ranking restaurants using the template Zennoposter.
    • Using several accounts and reducing ping in games. Most games allow only one account per IP, but using a proxy can help you to bypass that.
    • Accessing sites that are blocked by government agencies.

    * You cannot use our proxies for registering new accounts, parsing with KeyCollector, bypassing government-blocked sites

  • The main difference between IPv4 proxy and IPv6 one now is as follows:

    • IPv4 supports all Internet sites whilst only a few websites support the IPv6 Example: Instagram and Facebook support IPv6 while Twitter and VKontakte do not support it.
    • IPv6 proxies cost far less than IPv4 proxies.
    • IPv6 proxies are less reliable for work at the moment.

    Why are IPv6 proxies less reliable:

    It’s easy to track IPv6 proxies for websites that use that protocol. So, if you use an IPv6 proxy and your actions get tracked, your reliability rating on the website’s database will go down. That will result in a limitation in the things you can do on that website and your chances of getting banned for misuse of the site’s functionalities will be higher.

    The percentage of real users who use the IPv6 protocol for personal use (surfing the Internet, communicating with friends) is very low whilst the percentage of users who use the IPv6 protocol for spamming and earning purposes is very high (this is due to the cost of the IPv6 proxies). Conclusion: using an IPv6 proxy for spamming and earning purposes will get your chances of getting IP banned really high.

  • The main difference between the protocols is the following:

    • SOCKS (4,5) is considered a more anonymous protocol when using a proxy, but HTTP (s) can be completely anonymous as well (elite).
    • SOCKS (4,5) is a more modern protocol and can be used when connecting to FTP.

    * Our service provides proxies that can use both protocols, each of which is completely anonymous, therefore, the final site won’t be able to detect that you’re visiting it with a proxy. It\'s also worth noting that sites can detect that you’re using proxies not only by the proxy itself but by other parameters as well, such as the use of flash, DNS, webrtc, etc.

  • A public proxy is a proxy that you can access free of charge from public sources, i.e. anyone who\'s interested can use them. Free/public proxies are different from paid ones as they have lower speed, unstable connection, short life and they’re mostly used to spam sites and social networks.

  • The concept of batch proxies can mean the following:

    • In the more popular definition it’s a list of proxies which is constantly updated and sold to many people. These proxies have a better uptime and connection speed when compared to public (free) proxies. These proxies are not suitable for social networks and popular services because they are used by a lot of people.
    • In the less popular definition a batch proxy is the wholesale purchase of a proxy.
  • These are paid proxies that will be used by you and only you during the whole rental period. These proxies are distinguished by their high speed, stability, and security when using various sites and social. networks.

    The concept of "elite proxies" also has a less popular definition: they’re completely anonymous proxies that do not notify the site that a proxy is being used and do not transmit the real IP address of the user.

    * Our proxies are elite and individual, i.e. completely anonymous and sold to one user only.

  • Example 1: You were given 2 proxies of the type and They are from different subnets as the numbers after the first point are different. If the numbers after the first point weren’t different, these proxies would be on the same subnet.

    Example 2: You were given 2 proxies of the type and They are from different subnets as the numbers after the first point are different. If the numbers after the first point weren’t different, these proxies would be on the same subnet.

    Example 3: you have been given 2 proxies of the type and They are from the same network and subnet because the digits before and after the first point are similar in both IPs.

General questions about the service

  • Yes. That’s why we have made a great line of packages so that each client could choose exactly what he needs.

    The only exception is the "Shared proxies" package where the proxies can be simultaneously used by three clients.

  • What makes us ahead of our competition is the following:

    • We have a very diverse range of packages and lease terms. Thanks to that, you can buy exactly what you need and avoid overpaying for the use of extra sites and days of rent.
    • Proxies are issued automatically to ensure speed.
    • We offer a refund within 24 hours after the purchase, if you find out that our proxies do not suit you for some reason, we will return the money immediately, no questions asked.
  • Our service provides elite proxies with the ability to use HTTP (S) and SOCKS5 protocols, each of which is completely anonymous. Therefore, the final site will not be able to detect that you are visiting it with a proxy.

    * It\'s also worth noting that sites can detect that you’re using proxies not only by the proxy itself but by other parameters as well, such as the use of flash, DNS, webrtc, etc.

  • No. You can pay for the proxies and test them. if you find out that our proxies do not suit you for some reason within 24 hours, we will return the money immediately, no questions asked.

  • Instantly. Proxies are issued automatically immediately after payment. A delay may occur on the side of the payment system - in that case, the delivery of the order may be delayed for several minutes.

  • Yes.

  • Proxy format:

    1) type://login:password@ip:port

    2) ip:port:login:password

  • By default, proxies are provided with "login/password" authentication.
    The authentication type can be changed in your personal account after purchasing the proxy.

    IP authentication is possible but not guaranteed:

  • Shared proxies are proxy servers that are rented by no more than 3 clients at a time. These proxies are suitable for use on unpopular sites. It’s unlikely that the three clients will use the resources of the server at the same time.

  • That’s not possible at the moment. Subsequently, the price of the proxy replacement may appear on the service for some time.

  • Yes. Currently, the following countries are available for purchase in the "For all sites" category: Ukraine, Germany, France, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, India, Canada, China, Romania, Turkey, Sweden.

  • Yes, you can extend the proxy’s rental period in your personal account.

  • Yes, the affiliate program is available in the personal account after registration. You will get a 20% of all client purchases in the first 12 months after referral registration.

How to work with proxies

  • If you’re using a proxy through your browser, you can check it by going to and comparing the "my IP" line with the proxy you’re using. If the lines match, then the proxy is working. If the site does not open or the lines do not match, it means either you entered incorrect settings in the browser or the proxy does not work and you should contact our technical support.

    If you’re using a proxy through a program you will receive an error message in case the proxy doesn\'t function correctly. If you’re getting an error, either you entered incorrect settings in the program, or the proxy does not work and you should contact our technical support.

  • Contact us using technical support and we will solve all your problems.

  • Write to us in technical support and we will solve all your problems.

  • They’re not available. Other unavailable websites include Yandex money, Webmoney, Perfectmoney, and Skrill.

  • Spam mailing is prohibited. 25, 465 ports are closed.

  • No, you can’t.

  • The bandwidth of the channel is up to 100 MBit / s, the final speed depends on the workload of the network. Usually up to 10 Mbit / s.

  • Datacenter proxies: 6 threads per proxy

    Residential proxies: unlimited threads

    Mobile proxies (bandwithh plans): unlimited threads

    Unlimited mobile proxies: single-threaded


  • Yes, we do. The terms of use of the service and the proxies are listed here.

Residential proxies

  • These are proxies with IP addresses of real user devices from different countries. People provide them in exchange for bonuses or for a reward. Their gadgets, connected to the local internet provider's network, become intermediaries between your device and the resource you want to visit. Sites know this, so residential proxies are almost never blocked because this can lead to restrictions not only for those who use residential proxies, but also for the IP owners themselves.

  • Residential proxies redirect traffic from your device not directly to the site, but through an intermediary - a real gadget with its own IP address. This can be not only PCs, but also tablets, smartphones and TVs. The main thing is the proxy is issued by the internet provider.

    Real users who provide their devices are much fewer than those who want to buy such proxies. Because of this, providers use the "NAT" technology, which allows several people to use the same residential proxy.

  • This is a type of proxy server that assigns a new IP address after each connection or after a specified interval.

    We offer residential proxies with automatic IP rotation. The address changes once every 10 minutes in accordance with the selected country and region.

    You should buy rotating proxy if you:

    • Engaged in parsing;

    • Test ad settings;

    • Work with multiple accounts;

    • Want to hide your "habits" on the internet and avoid annoying ads.


    1. Low risk to be blocked. Residential proxies use IP addresses of real users, and they are rarely banned. Internet services do not want to lose potential audience that may be accidentally blocked

    2. A wide range of locations. This allows you to access any content and study sites, like you are in the required region

    3. Unlimited bandwidth. Residential proxies are suitable for data collection and analysis

    4. Rotating IP. Our residential proxies change their IPs once every 600 seconds. No need to worry that the address will be blocked or it will stop being active

  • Residential proxies are perfect for ensuring anonymity on the internet. Resources will see not your IP, but the address of another real user, so personal data will remain secure.

    Residential proxies will also be useful for those who work with information on the Internet, collect and analyze data. For SMM specialists, marketers, and targetologists, a proxy is a good way to experiment with ad settings, study target audiences from different regions. This type of proxy is trusted by social media.

  • You can choose the country of the proxy yourself in your account immediately after the purchase. The IPs of residential proxies are rotated every 600 seconds automatically. This option cannot be changed in the settings. If you don't manage to use all the bandwidth, it won't expire. You can add new one to the current order and then it will be summed up with your balance.

    There is a paid 200Mb test plan on the site. This bandwidth is enough to test the work of the proxy.

    We advise you to carefully study the characteristics of the residential proxies on the site before buying them. And if there are any questions do not hestitate to contact our technical support.

  • Steam is not available by default through residential proxies.

    To access Steam, you need to contact the support team of the website and state the reason why you need this service. The website administration will decide whether to grant you access to Steam.

Mobile proxies

  • These are proxies with IP addresses provided to real subscribers by mobile operators. Such IPs are considered the most secure and indistinguishable from the real owners of the addresses. Therefore, not every service can buy mobile proxies. 

    The number of IPs mobile operators can provide to users is limited. And there are many more who want to use them. Therefore, they are extremely rarely subject to blocking. That's why there is no guarantee the desired user will be sent to the ban. 

    Buying mobile proxies is more expensive than server or residential ones, but their advantages justify the cost.

  • Private mobile proxies are rarely blocked due to their high level of trust. This advantage is used for multi-accounting and data analysis. It allows you to launch advertising campaigns and analyze their success, monitor service prices in different regions and simply protect personal data. Mobile proxies are perfect for working with social media.

  • Mobile proxies offer a great variety of precise locations and minimize the risk of blocks. They are suitable for:

    • SEO

    • price monitoring

    • targeting

    • traffic arbitrage

    • SMM

    • checking the actions of advertising agents (ad settings and their display on the internet)

    • reliable protection of personal data

  • Private proxies are limited in terms of available locations. Currently there are United Kingdom, Austria, Israel and the United States on the site. You get unlimited traffic for 30 days and automatic IP rotation 2-3 times a day when buying them

    There are 200+ locations to choose from for rotating mobile proxies. You can view the list of available countries on the site before buying. And you can select the desired country and region after making the order. The bandwidth is limited and depends on the chosen plan. But there is an automatic IP rotation once every 10 minutes in each case.

  • Yes. At the moment you can buy 5G mobile proxies of US location (New York).

    The main features are automatic rotation 2-3 times a day, high IP trust level and unlimited bandwidth. If you want to test them, you can buy 5G mobile proxies and contact our technical support within 24 hours if they don't suit you. We will quickly find a convenient way to transfer money and arrange a refund.

  • Steam is not available by default through mobile proxies.

    To access Steam, you need to contact the support team of the website and state the reason why you need this service. The website administration will decide whether to grant you access to Steam.

Datacenter proxy

  • These are proxies that are provided by third-party entities not associated with ISPs. They are located in physical data centers that process all requests that pass through them.

    If IPs of mobile and residential proxies belong to real users, then the whole pool of addresses of server proxies are provided by data processing center operators. As a result, websites can detect that you are using a proxy but they cannot see your real data.

  • Server proxies are cheaper than mobile and residential ones. If you need to solve simple tasks but speed and price are important for you, server proxies are the best option.

    In addition, they are assigned a static IP that remains unchanged throughout the entire period of use. This is sometimes a significant advantage when choosing a proxy.

  • Server proxies can be used for simple operations that are not related to multi-accounting or complex data analysis.

    They are used for:

    • if you need the access to a website that is unavailable in a certain region

    • for games to reduce ping and maintain a high connection speed

    • for corporate purposes (when it is important to keep one IP and use a proxy within the working network)

    • to hide IP and protect personal information online

  • Shared proxies can be used simultaneously by up to three users. Unlike private ones, where one user gets an IP that belongs only to him. This ensures a high connection speed, but the price is higher.

    Shared proxies will be great if you are planning to work on unpopular sites. You will also get a pleasant bonus as a low price.

    Otherwise, their characteristics are the same: static IP, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connections.

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