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About us

Proxy-Store is a big and friendly team of professionals with an impeccable record in the IT services market. We count hundreds of completed orders, lots of customers from Russia and other countries, rave reviews from customers, which are increasing every day.

  • 22 138users daily
  • 32 555total proxies online
  • 2 555regular users
  • 10+years on the proxy market

Exemplary service for each customer

Proxies without problems

Proxy-Store Company provides customers with only the highest quality and most reliable IPv4 servers. You get a 100% guarantee of a high level of anonymity of IP addresses purchased from us

Proxies for everyone

Whether you are an experienced Internet user, an advanced gamer, an SMM pro, or a beginner on the World Wide Web, an exceptional level of service is guaranteed for you.

Our clients feedback
4.8 stars stars stars stars stars
385 ReviewsRead all
Logan M.

While sneaker bots are incredibly efficient, they can get expensive, particularly for high-demand releases. This is where even SSH solutions may seem more budget-friendly. However, the success rate of bots makes them an enticing option. It's important to weigh the cost of bots against the potential resale value of limited-release sneakers, as successful bot usage can often lead to a substantial return on investment

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Jill D.

Ever since we started working with Proxy-store, we have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Mobile proxies have been a great help to our success on Amazon, allowing us to reach people more effectively and helping us to do research more efficiently. Thanks to them, we've seen increases in our rankings. It's also easy to use, and the customer support is top-notch.

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Chaim M.

Proxy-store has been a huge time-saver for us. Their proxy helps us to track and monitor online mentions of our brand, manage our reputation, and also provides us with access to geo-restricted websites of our competitors. It has given us a lot of peace of mind knowing that we have such a powerful tool on our side.

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Adrian J.

I've never seen my site perform so well before. They have also helped me with my mobile devices by providing me the latest proxies, which are essential to maintaining a successful business in this day and age. I couldn't be more satisfied with proxy-store's services!

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Enex E.

It's like the GPS for my Web3 projects, especially when cruising with Metamask. Navigating through the decentralized space of dApps has never been smoother. From decentralized exchanges to governance platforms, Proxy-Store's unbroken integration verifies I reach my destination with acceleration and defense. Working with ENS and IPFS allows me to explore the roads less traveled in the Web3 space, expanding my horizons as a developer

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