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Proxy-Store is a big and friendly team of professionals with an impeccable record in the IT services market. We count hundreds of completed orders, lots of customers from Russia and other countries, rave reviews from customers, which are increasing every day.

  • 22 138users daily
  • 32 555total proxies online
  • 2 555regular users
  • 10+years on the proxy market

Exemplary service for each customer

Proxies without problems

Proxy-Store Company provides customers with only the highest quality and most reliable IPv4 servers. You get a 100% guarantee of a high level of anonymity of IP addresses purchased from us

Proxies for everyone

Whether you are an experienced Internet user, an advanced gamer, an SMM pro, or a beginner on the World Wide Web, an exceptional level of service is guaranteed for you.

Our clients feedback
4.8 stars stars stars stars stars
385 ReviewsRead all
Dave S.

As a marketing manager stepping into the ground of proxies, you've been my digital compass. The guidance on setting up proxies in various browsers and platforms were my guiding lights. From Windows 10 to iOS, each step is demystified in user-friendly video guides. It's not just about proxies def, it's a trip into a world of digital marketing possibilities. My team and I now navigate the web armed with the knowledge bestowed by you.

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J-jones J.

Let me tell you, these proxies are like my trusty sidekicks, warding off click fraud like it's their day job. They've got my back! They're not the cheapest cats in the alley, but when it comes to protection, it's like having a personal bodyguard for your ad campaigns. All smooth sailing, except for the occasional hiccup when the squad gets too hyped up.

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Jong J.

Their residential proxies allow me to post ads in different social media platforms from around the world without any hassle. The speed is always fast, the setup is super easy and their customer service is top notch. I recommend Proxy Store for anyone looking for residential proxies to help them with their SMM goals.

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Gerome G.

I have been with Proxy-Store for many years and I have always been looked after with panache and skill. Not forgetting courtesy, help is always round their corner for me, Thanks very much team.

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Zdzisław K.

The residential proxies from Proxy-store have allowed me to improve my ranking and secure the first page search results I needed. What I really appreciate is that their IPs rotate so that I am always safe from being detected by search engine bots. The 5 GB plan was more than enough for me, so I'm currently thinking about getting a smaller one in the next month.

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