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By placing an order, you agree to these conditions:

Part 1 - Basic conditions.

1). Proxy-Store.com is an intermediary between the client (the buyer) and the proxy provider and does not bear any responsibility for causing harm to the client, his information or business due to the use or inability to use the products of the service.

2). After 24 hours from the date of purchase, the money for the order can not be returned, and the proxy is replaced (except mobile proxy - after purchase they can not be replaced, since they can be issued preliminary test access).

3). Guaranteed uptime of the proxy is 95% per month. Example: a simple proxy is allowed up to be down for 1 hour per day, i.e. a total of 30 hours per month (5%).If a simple proxy is more than 5% per month, then for these problem proxies, the service makes a monetary compensation (for idle time) or increases the rental time.

4). The work of the proxy is guaranteed only on the resource, the category of which you have chosen.

Example: you bought a proxy for social network Facebook. The work of the proxy is guaranteed only in this social network.

5). The service can change the proxy subnet and the proxy itself without warning from the clients for the following reasons, not depending on the service: if there are problems on the accounts / services because of this subnet, if the subnet got into the spambase, if the subnet blocked RIPE, subnetting as prevention .

6). Before buying the client must read the description of the proxy category, FAQ on using the service and the proxy. In case of questions the client must contact the technical support of the service and get advice.

7). Access to resources blocked by law (in any country), to all payment services (Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex-money, PayPal, Perfectmonуy, BTC, Skrill, etc.) and banks (Sberbank, Alfabank, Tinkoff, etc.) are closed for use.

There may also be problems or the complete inability of the proxy to work using the following programs, services, sites and devices:

  • program Keycollector
  • program Proxifier
  • site Avito
  • site Youla
  • site OLX
  • site bet365
  • site DOFUS
  • service Vtope
  • devices with an operating system IOS
  • soft ino steam multichat
  • site instagram777

8). The bandwidth of the channel (the speed of the proxy) is up to 100 Mb/s, but it depends on the workload of the network and it’s usually about 10 Mbit/s.

9). Proxies can be found in spam databases (for example BlockList.de, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, etc.). Usually, this does not affect the operation of the proxy. If this affects your work, then you are entitled to demand a refund within 24 hours after purchase.

10). The number of used subnets at the time of publication of the terms of use of the service (24.01.2020) is 32pc. In one order, not all subnets may be, because proxy servers are randomly generated from the list.

11). Proxies come back on sale after the end of the lease term of any order (this is how any rent of proxy-server). If the client for some reason did not manage to renew the proxy, the service does not guarantee their recovery in the next order.

12). The service undertakes to issue to the client a proxy with Russian location from at least 2 subnets, if there is at least 5 proxies in the customer order. If you purchase a proxy with any other location and Shared proxy, the variety in the subnets that are issued is not guaranteed (that is, with any number of ordered proxies, only one subnet can be issued).

13). Proxies in the Shared category can simultaneously be used by up to 3 people, including you.

14). The time of technical support work is from 05:00 to 00:00 MSK.

Part 2 – What the client can do. Refund Policy

1). The client has the right to demand a refund for the order within 24 hours from the time of purchase if for some reason the proxy wasn’t suitable for them. The number of purchased proxies should not exceed 20 pcs.

The client can do this only 1 time for each of the proxy categories presented on the service.

Example: a client bought a proxy from the "proxy for social networks" category. The proxy did not suit the client so he wrote to our technical support and we made a refund. Then the client bought a proxy from the "proxies for games" category. The proxy did not suit the client so he wrote to our technical support and we issued a refund.

We can issue refunds through Yoo-money, Qiwi, Webmoney, Litecoin, Advcash or PerfectMoney. We cannot refund purchases made with bank cards.

The refund is carried out within 24 hours after the customer's request for technical support.

2). The customer has the right to request the change of the proxy with the location of Russia, if he only got one subnet in the order. With the same number of proxies in this order should be at least 5pcs. When you purchase a proxy with any other location and Shared proxy, the variety in the given counts is not guaranteed (ie, with any number of ordered proxies, only one subnet can be issued).

Part 3 – What the client is prohibited to do

1). Fraud in any manifestations, break-ins, insults, threats, slander.

2). Insulting proxy-store.com service employees and threats to them.

3). Cracking passwords (brute force), scanning for port vulnerabilities.

4). Creation of social phishing sites.

5). Spam, including, but not limited to - spam on forums, websites, blogs, email-mailing. 25, 465 ports are close.

6). Distribution of malware (viruses, trojans, and anything that can affect the operation of the software).

7). Hacking sites and finding their vulnerabilities (including SQL-inj).

8). Distribution of materials without the knowledge of the copyright holder (video, music, software, etc.).

9). Violation of the laws of the country in which the proxy server is located.

10). Mass registration of accounts on various services, forums, and social networks.

11). Transfer of proxies and access to proxies to third parties.

In case of violation of any of these items, the proxy is disabled, the violator is blocked, money for orders is not refunded.


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