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We test and provide only the fastest DC proxies from around the world so that you will not regret using our services
Our IP addresses belong to the class of private or individual IP addresses. This means that upon purchase, you will be the sole owner of them.
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Ira C.

I love the idea they are collecting reviews now by sending email invitations after each purchase. Proxy Store offers data center proxies that are IPV4 protocol, with unlimited traffic. The speed and performance of their services is absolutely top-notch and I don't have to worry about my connection going down. They have proxies to access banned videos, I can choose a location as well, there's a huge list of counties. And I can easily set it up on my browser

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Kieran R.

Proxy-store has been a huge help for our business. We needed proxies for account boosting and bots, and our main concern was being banned. Proxy-store provided us with Lineage proxies that were not only fast and reliable, but also not blacklisted! We have saved so much energy, thanks to this store!

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Demetrius F.

We've been using Proxy-store for our business, and it has really been a game changer. Since we started using their proxies, our eBay sales have skyrocketed, and we're making more profits than ever before. Additionally, the proxies they provide are of the highest quality and make our work much easier.

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Martin J.

Working in digital marketing, ad verification is crucial to ensure ad campaigns run smoothly. Proxy-Store's mobile proxies packages have simplified this process. Their real mobile IPs allow me to verify ads from various geographic locations, ensuring our campaigns target the right audiences. The outcome - a 1/4 reduction in ad spend and a 15% up in click-through rates for our customers. These proxies have been efficient for our marketing campaigns.

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Marilynn S.

This is the most reliable service when it comes to proxies. The mobile proxies are just fine, I haven't had any issues with being blacklisted. Also I choose this service because they offer proxies for 5, or 10, or 20 days and this is a perfect fit to my needs. I use it for SEO work like keyword research, backlink tracking and content optimization. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution to your proxy needs - Proxy-Store is definitely the one for you!

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