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  • How quickly will I receive a proxy after payment?

    Proxy is issued automatically immediately after payment. The delay may occur on the side of the payment system - in this case, the delivery of the order may be delayed for several minutes. At the same time, proxies start working 5-10 minutes after issuing.

  • What other sites can I visit, other than the one selected in the tariff?

    The work of the proxy is guaranteed only on the resource, the category of which you have chosen. Example: you bought a proxy for social. Vkontakte network. The work of the proxy is guaranteed only in this social network.

  • Can I test your proxy before purchasing?

    No. But you can pay for proxies and test them. If within 24 hours you understand that proxies are not suitable for you, then we will refund the money. The number of proxies should not exceed 10pcs

  • How many subnets do you have?

    At the moment, the number of subnets avaible for rent is 20pcs. Not all subnets may be in one order, because the proxy is randomly assigned to the list.

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Refund money
Refund money
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Unlimited traffic
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Automatic issuance
Rental period
Rental period
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Lowest prices on the proxy market
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Purchase from 1 IP
Affiliate program
Affiliate program
Possibility of prolong and auto-prolong of proxies
Possibility of prolong and auto-prolong of proxies
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ATTENTION: This article was written specifically for just two groups of people: Tech newbies and tech-junkies, so if you are not in any of the mentioned groups, then grab a bowl of popcorn and probably a glass of water (you'll need it) because I was only kidding! (Hahaha). This article is for EVERYONE. 


To be honest? Nobody loves rules, especially rules that restrict you from accessing some platforms and websites. Living in a country where I couldn't access a lot of content online, especially videos, was a big turn off and it was quite infuriating. Not until I went on Google and typed "How to bypass government restrictions online", guess what? I found my pot of gold in a heap of rubbish. I discovered YouTube proxy websites — the solution to government restrictions. And ever since then? It's been smooth sailing all the way.


A YouTube proxy server helps you circumvent and sidestep all the restrictions placed on your favorite videos. It opens the door to that cyberspace you've always wanted to explore.



It acts as an intermediary between you and a website. Having a YouTube proxy is just like putting on Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, and just like John Cena would say — "You can't see me!"


All computers have their very own peculiar IP addresses. It's just like a home address, the proxy server helps conceal your real address and gives it a new address. This is to prevent nosey websites and platforms with bans on your location from detecting your actual address and finally getting you kicked out.


A proxy keeps your identity safe and breaks down the walls of areal bans and constraints. There are different types of proxies. But for our YouTube proxy list, we'd be looking at three types.


1.   FREE

We all know that grabbing a little freebie from time to time can't hurt, and resisting the urge to click on the first "GET IT NOW" free ad we see is quite hard. But you should try to avoid free proxies at all costs, as they come with lots of risks, including opening the doors of your computers to viruses and other issues as they have lots of individuals making use of it at the same time, as opposed to using other paid alternatives.




Unlike the free type, this permits just three people to make use of its IP address at the same time. Now, the semi-dedicated proxy is quite economical, but it also comes with its defects, the more people connected to the IP, the slower the connection.




When we talk about the most productive and efficient YouTube proxies, the dedicated proxy should be your go-to. Though expensive, it's worth every dime as you do not have to share your IP address with any other person.




You get to bypass restrictions at work and school. You get to surf from another country. You have complete and unrestricted access to blocked resources. There is improved security and privacy.




The Internet is a global village, and there are lots of pieces of information available to users. Searching for a fast YouTube proxy that'll meet your needs can be a little bit daunting as there are lots of stores out there that promise potential buyers the best, yet provide them with the opposite.


When searching for the best proxy for youtube, here are a few things to look out for:

A server that affords you lots of server locations. One that gives you the choice of deciding how many proxies you'd like to purchase.

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