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  • How quickly will I receive a proxy after payment?

    Instantly. Proxy is issued automatically immediately after payment. The delay may occur on the side of the payment system - in this case, the delivery of the order may be delayed for several minutes.

  • What other sites can I visit, other than the one selected in the tariff?

    The work of the proxy is guaranteed only on the resource, the category of which you have chosen. Example: you bought a proxy for World of Warcraft. The work of the proxy is guaranteed only in this game.

  • Can I test your proxy before purchasing?

    No. But you can pay for the proxy and test them. If within 24 hours you understand that the proxies do not suit you, then we will refund the money.

  • How many subnets do you have?

    At the moment, the number of subnets avaible for rent is 20pcs. Not all subnets may be in one order, because the proxy is randomly assigned to the list.

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Rental periods from 5 days

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The minimum purchase is 1 IP

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Discounts on the number of proxies and rental period

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To learn more

Lineage 2 revolution proxy

Lineage is a multi-player game which has quite a medieval, vintage theme to it. It is a role-playing game which is why a number of people of all ages find it extremely appealing. The game has several parts and is popular in prominent countries. Given that it is available in a number of languages, it is well-known even among those who live in remote areas. Apart from that, it has attractive graphics which make it look extremely real and lifelike. The visuals are so detailed that it is loved by hardcore gamers. In some countries, it is not available because of Geo-location restrictions. Several people have complained about receiving error messages and not being able to play the game.

Proxy for Lineage 2

The proxy server is an easy and simple solution which allows you to access the game without any issues. Lineage proxy works as a medium between the server and your computer and ensures that you are able to enjoy the game without any fuss. Lineage proxy can be used to view blocked sites. It also offers a fast speed and allows users to save bandwidth by recognizing mostly-accessed resources. It can access any jammed website and even keep ads at bay.

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