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Sophi D.

Proxy-store has been an immense help to our company. We have been taking advantage of it for a few months now and that has greatly helped us to improve our online reputation. It has enabled us to monitor mentions quickly, and efficiently manage our brand's reputation across multiple platforms. We highly recommend it for businesses of all sizes!

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Todd N.

Security is paramount in our IT department, and Proxy-Store's private proxies have been our go-to choice for secure API calls. Their dedicated IPs and encryption ensure that sensitive data remains protected during transmission. We've experienced a 0% data breach rate since implementing these proxies. Additionally, their 24/7 customer support has been invaluable whenever we faced technical challenges. With Proxy-Store's private proxies, we can confidently conduct our daily operations knowing our data is secure.

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Stanley R.

I've tried multiple other services, but none of them like Proxy-Store. They have an impressive selection of mobile proxies(Including USA-based proxies with T-Mobile as the carrier) and also offer a generous trial period. You get 24 hours to test their service and see if it's right for you. Their support team will also help you if you are just starting out with proxies as well, all in all, a SUPERB provider that gives great value.

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Mariia C.

I've gathered data from over 500k websites, enabling me to identify emerging trends in various industries over the last six months. Web scraping is a crucial part of my data-driven research, and Proxy-Store's data center proxies have proved indispensable. Their high-speed connections and reliability have significantly expedited my data collection process. The cost-effectiveness of these proxies makes them my top choice for large-scale web scraping projects. Highly recommended for data researchers like me.

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Norah T.

They provide me with the best quality of proxies to drive more bot traffic. Their customer service is always there to help me out. I highly recommend Proxy-Store; they make sure my online browsing experience is secure and hassle-free!

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