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Prudence Franklin

Great proxy packages but the price could always be lower

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Joseph Carroll

I liked the site! I bought an IPV4 proxy on this site for 30 days. During this time there were no problems in operation. The support of the site answered all my questions and gave recommendations on the work. I am happy with the prices. I always buy proxies for one month, but now I'm thinking of taking three months at a time. Really excellent service. Thank you for your work!

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Ivan Petrov

I bought a proxy for parsing search engines. Comrade advised, tk. he bought here regularly. I use proxies in a bunch of programs, but all with one purpose - parsing. In Yandex and Google, they practically do not ban. That's all I care about, really. And the price. The prices are delicious when compared.

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Mark Strong

I have been using their services for a long time and I have never been disappointed. They offer a good price for their services and everything works fairly quickly. Better conditions are hard to find.

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Maxim Voloshin

I have been working with this site for over a year, and during this period I have only positive impressions. For me, working with a proxy is very important, because the operation of my program, and therefore the whole project as a whole, will completely depend on it. Therefore, a very important requirement for me was the proxy lifetime. On this service, the guaranteed uptime of the proxy is about 100%, which is undeniably a huge plus. For all the time of cooperation, several controversial situations arose, which the technical support solved in just a couple of hours maximum. If the failures were due to the service, the client is charged something like a bonus (or monetary compensation). I highly recommend these guys for their quality service and responsiveness.

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