What is the proxy setting? How to check and change proxy settings

There are several ways of proxy settings implementation. It depends on the web browser type and version of the operating system. What is a proxy setting - and how to perform all manipulations – you will learn from this article? In fact, the process of mediation server setting is simple enough and every PC user is in a position to cope with this case.

Table of Content:

  1. What are proxy settings? What purposes it is applied for
  2. How to change proxy settings, check and configure proxy and firewall
  3. What “mediation” servers are better for using
  4. What are the benefits of using proxy servers

How to set the “mediation” server and how to check the settings – these issues will be further addressed later in the present article. In addition, from the article, you will learn about alternative ways the "World Wide Web" accessing, and about the solutions in which the search and selection of the proxy is the purview of the software creators.

1.      What are proxy settings? For what particular applications is the proxy used?

The term "proxy" in computer networks has such meanings as access module, intermediary, substitute. In other words, it is a computer system or an application that is acting as intermediate for queries from Internet users trying to access the resources from other servers. The “intermediary” in computer network acts in the following way:


The actions go so fast, that you cannot notice any changes.

Admission to a certain online thing occurs exclusively through the proxy, and you, as an Internet user, may not even know about it, as well as the second side – the target server.

The goals of applying an access module:

  • Quick & easy an online thing access, on condition the powerful access module, is connected to the high-speed Internet
  • Cyber-attack protection, virus protection, advertising filtering, and spam protection
  • Anonymity online by means of hiding IP-address, respectively, you can easily get access to web resources that have been blocked at your region
  • Corporate network channels - the fighting against spam, viruses, and advertising

What is the proxy setting?

To apply a proxy for online games or Internet access, initially, the PC operating system is to be configured. For this purpose, the IP-address and intermediary server port are required. These data are to be entered in the appropriate field of the adjustment form in the section "Parameters” of the operating system in the category "Network and Internet", then you should click "Save". It is worth noting that the installation process differs depending on the version of Windows operating system.

To disable the access module, it is enough to deactivate the feature in the settings in the “Parameter” → "Network and Internet" section of the operating system settings.

2.      How to change proxy settings? How to inspect and configure the proxy & firewall?

Knowledge of the issue “what is a proxy setting on a computer” provokes the question as to the mediation server checking and changing.

If you got a message "Check proxy & firewall settings" on the screen, it doesn’t mean that it is the mediation server issue. Often an error occurs for all kinds of reasons. However, if you are using an access module and know about its functions, you should probably check the settings. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Verify your Internet connection
  • If you are using a router for the Internet connection, restart the device
  • In the command line, type "ipconfig /flushdns" and then update the website tab in the Internet browser
  • Disable the antivirus program and restart the website tab
  • Check your firewall settings, often they include blacklists of websites
  • Access the online thing from different Internet browsers.

If none of these actions helped, go to the web browser menu, and then click:

"Settings" → "Browser"→ "Network" → "Change proxy server settings".

To check your firewall configuration, start the control panel, then select the system and security category, and then click the Windows Firewall tab.

3.      What proxy servers are better for using

The choice of an intermediary server depends primarily on the purpose of its use. There are many options of mediation servers, there are paid and free options, with powerful and weak characteristics, with a high and low level of anonymity provision, simple and difficult in use, etc.

We recommend using high-anonymity solutions running with HTTP, it is better to use pain options and from a trusted provider. However, it is important to note that there is NO clear answer to the question: “Which proxy is better, paid or free” - as both paid and free solution has its pros and cons.

Regarding the question “what is HTTP proxy setting” it worth noting that high-performance content filter, that can be set according to the same schedule.

4.      Benefits of using proxy-server

The main benefit of using mediation server is as follows:

  • High-speed connection
  • Anonymous use of Internet surfing
  • Viruses and ads avoiding
  • Hacker attacks protection
  • Blocked websites access

Besides the mediation servers, alternative solutions for Internet access include VPN extends, diverse anonymizers, special web applications. Nevertheless, as practice shows, the most reliable solution is an “intermediary” server, which can be figured out and customized for any purpose.

19 august 2019


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