About us

PROXY WITHOUT PROBLEMS – the fundamental principle of our company. The Proxy-Store is in the web browser bookmarks of tens of thousands of Russian Internet users. And there is a logical explanation for this phenomenon:

  • The wide range of proxies for any period of time;
  • Standard proxy servers’ packages, wholesale and apiece sale;
  • High-performance proxy servers only;
  • Responsive professional technical support.

The Proxy-Store company provides customers exceptionally with of highest quality and reliability IPv4 servers. You get a 100% guarantee of high-level anonymity of the IP addresses purchased on Proxy-store.com.

BENCHMARK SERVICE TO EACH CLIENT – advantage without which our company wouldn’t be considered one of the best providers of proxy servers you'll ever need. No matter whether you are an experienced Internet user, advanced gamer, SMM pro or a newbie in the vast World Wide Web - service of exceptional quality is guaranteed to everyone.

Clients’ proxy servers are our top priority, confide Proxy-Store and make your business more profitable!

We offer anonymous, elite proxy servers with professional support of high-quality. And that's not all:

  • Answer any questions, explain and give recommendations to everyone;
  • Work in mode from 10am - 01am (GMT+3) we do not keep customers waiting and pay attention to everyone who wants to buy a proxy;
  • We carry out orders as quickly as possible;
  • We pleasantly surprise the customers with discounts and promotions.

Proxy-Store is a large and friendly team of professionals with an impeccable reputation in the IT services market. On our account – hundreds of completed orders, numerous customers from Russia and other countries, enthusiastic customers’ reviews.

Need a stable individual proxy to work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube or other services and social networks? Fond of online games, SEO or SMM, want to ensure safe surfing in the network or performing of a number of any other tasks? Then you're in the right place. Proxy-Store is what you need.

100% WORKING PROXY – the advantage that makes the Proxy Store the undeniable winner in the battle of the providers of proxy servers on the web.

  • In dozens of partners’ data centers and in our own - hundreds of servers – fast, reliable, working servers, that is a guarantee.


  • No matter how many personal, shared, public or mobile proxies you buy at Proxy-Store.com – all of them will work long and steadily.

We steadily replenish the range of our proxy servers that allows our clients to receive ready solutions quickly and without overpayments.

Proxy from Proxy-Store – convenient payments, fast delivery. Proxy-Store is a reliable supplier!


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