The ways to set up proxies in AdsPower Browser

Introduction to AdsPower

AdsPower-professional anti-detect browser for traffic monetization in Google, Facebook, etc.

Key Functions:

  • Accounts management
  • Fingerprint settings
  • Automatic operation including Local API and RPA Robot
  • Members management
  • Profile and function authorization

Good price:

  • Free version with 2 profiles;
  • Paid version from $10 with 10 profiles;
  • Custom version is available

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Guide to set up Proxy-Store proxies in AdsPower

  1. First of all, you need to buy proxies according to your needs.

  1. Open AdsPower and click on "Single import".


  1. Then check your proxies in the Proxy-Store dashboard.


As Proxy-Store supports login-password authorization, you only need to fill the following information in AdsPower:

Proxy Type: HTTP/HTTPS (depending on proxies you purchase)

Proxy Host & Proxy Port: (simply copy the number series of “IP:PORT” and paste it directly in the field “Proxy Host”)

Proxy User: business_adspower_ne

Proxy Password: f86ede0654

Then click on "Check proxy" to check the proxy connection. If the connection test goes well, click on "OK" to finish the settings.


  1. Now click on "Open" to start working with AdsPower. If you want to change the proxy of the profile, click the green button under "Account ID".

16 august 2021


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